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Always asking why. Always curious. Always wanting to create and discover the world around me. My ideas were as big as my glasses; imagine Lavender from Matilda. This was mini me and still a bit of me to this day.


Science was was everywhere and I knew that I wanted to be a part of it. I enjoyed learning more about science every day. Whether I was reading about science in my grandparent’s encyclopedia collection or watching The Magic School Bus or Bill Nye the Science Guy I knew one day I would become a real scientist. The opportunity to make a change in the world, make a stamp in science and society further ignited my passion for science. I wanted to use my science to cure diseases, help my community and be a scientific leader.

Unlike my peers I was always reading, exploring science and looking for ways to learn more about science. As time passed I realized there were not many girls in my class who were interested in science. I wondered why, but I did not know how to change it. Fast forward years later, I realized that if I wanted to see a change I had to make a change. I began asking myself, “Why are there so few women in science?” “What can I do to change this?” “What resources are out there for me?”

Before I started blogging I followed two blogs: The Thesis Whisperer and This Week in Virology. Their platforms inspired me and made me realize that I had a niche that needed to be filled. A few days later my sister and I brainstormed some blog names and came up with Mademoiselle Scientist. And here we are today. So if you can relate, I invite you and your science crew to follow my science journey.

Do you remember being one of a few girls in your class who loved science? Do you remember being one of the few minorities in your science classes? What resources helped you on your science journey? Why did you become a scientist?

This is my story. What is your story?  Here on Mademoiselle Scientist I will share stories, resources, and information to help the next generation of scientists.

If you have any questions or want to submit a topic idea fill out my contact page.

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