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Mademoiselle Scientist is a digital platform that supports the next generation of scientists. Everyone has their own introduction to STEM, here is mine. I remember at an early age being excited about all things science. I enjoyed learning more about science every day. On the weekends I was often in my grandparents’ backyard chasing fireflies and reading the encyclopedia to learn more about the world around me. During the week I would tune into The Magic School Bus or Bill Nye the Science Guy and imagine how it would be to become a real scientist. The opportunity to make a change in the world, and contribute to science and society further ignited my passion.

Unlike my peers, I was always reading, exploring science, and looking for ways to learn more about science which classified me as a nerd. Luckily my aunt who is an electrical engineer was there as my first role model; hearing her talk about her experience in STEM made me realize I could do the same. It was hard seeing fewer girls in my class who were not interested in science. I accepted it and as time passed I wondered why was this the case?

Fast forward years later, I realized that if I want to see this change I should do something. I read the American Association of University Women (AAUW)’s, Why So Few? Women in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics? Report and it opened my eyes to issues of why the number of women in STEM is so low. 

My questions:

  • What can I do to change this?
  • What resources are out there?

Two of my earlier resources outside of the AAUW Report were The Thesis Whisperer and This Week in Virology, research education, and a virology blog, respectively. These blogs helped me discover my unique niche. A few days my sister and I brainstormed some names and Mademoiselle Scientist was born.

This is my story. What is your story?  Here at Mademoiselle Scientist, I will share stories, resources, and information to support the next generation of scientists.


If you want to collaborate please fill out my contact page.

Martina Efeyini Toxicologist Science Communicator STEM Advocate

Thank you for visiting Mademoiselle Scientist. Come join the community and share!

10 thoughts on “Welcome to Mademoiselle Scientist!

  1. Everyone wants to become a scientist growing up. I am not a girl, but I know for a fact that a lot of girls are interested with discovering the world at younger age. But then Tyra banks come into the picture and now they shift from becoming scientists to models.

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