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Ever since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to become a scientist. My dream was to cure the world of diseases. Just like many little girls I knew ‘exactly’ what I wanted to do when I grew up. As I matured and learned more about science I became more intrigued. Each year the number of girls in my science classes decreased. Soon it became normal to me and I felt lost. Then, later I realized I wanted to make a change. I began asking myself, “Why are there so few women in science?” “How can I change that?” “What resources are out there for me?” Every day I had new questions and became inspired to create Mademoiselle Scientist.

Before picking a name I thought about my goals and looked to other women in science blogs for motivation. I found so many great blogs and brainstormed to find the focus of my blog. After a few brainstorming sessions and the help of my younger sister I decided to give my blog the name Mademoiselle Scientist. To me when I think of Mademoiselle Scientist it takes me back to when I fell in love with science.

Do you recall being one of a few girls in your class who loved science. Think back to when you were younger. Then, fast forward to where you are today? What things did you learn along the way that helped you decide to become a scientist?

This is my story. What is your story?  Here on Mademoiselle Scientist I will share stories, tips and experiences to help current and future women in science. My inspiration for Mademoiselle Scientist is you!

If you have any questions or want to submit a topic idea please check out my contact page.

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Thank you for visiting Mademoiselle Scientist!


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