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The life of a scientist is pretty busy. Between labs, meetings, conferences and association involvement you can feel like you are not doing enough. I know you are doing enough. Don’t be too hard on yourself and take a break. Your work is important and life is important; you just have to find a good work-life balance.

Photo/Comic Credit: PhD Comics

Many of us understand this struggle. This is where the Power Hour comes in. The ‘Power’ Hour is a chance for you to focus your energy on something exciting and give yourself a break. Use your Power Hour to do something that you are planning to do now or in the near future. Sometimes taking a little time out of your day to do something exciting can give you that energy boost and satisfaction that you are doing enough. For example, this week during my Power Hour I am focusing on finding research abroad opportunities. Each day this week I am going to dedicate my Power Hour to work on applications.

Come start this Power Hour challenge with me! No matter if you are a woman in science, student, professional, or in a transitional phase, I challenge you to take advantage of your Power Hour. Celebrate where you are today. Sometimes as scientists we get wrapped up in our daily laboratory routines, lectures and meetings and realize; “Where did the day go?”

I hope you incorporate the Power Hour into your daily schedule and that it helps you achieve your goals. If you try it, comment below and tell me what you think.