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Let’s face it. The summer is already over. School started. Vacations are over. It is time to get back into the flow of things. The fall is a great time to recharge and refocus. Are you ready? Here are my top tips to get ready for fall that will help students, scientists and professionals get back on track:

Reevaluate your goals: At the beginning of the year most of us make our New Year’s Resolutions. The Fall season is a good time to see if you achieved your resolutions. If you did not achieve them think about what you need to do or redefine your goals.

Re-network: Chances are for most of the year you have been networking and that’s great. Let’s go a step further. Meet new people, even outside of your field. During the fall semester there are a lot of things going on: career fairs, new student orientation, and many networking events. If you are looking for a job the fall is a great time to network with people. Take advantage of these things to broaden your network.

Mentoring: Everyone should have a mentor. Become a mentor, find new mentors or do both! Do you remember when you were starting college? Your first job? Here’s a quick story. When I started college I was very shy. I didn’t know anyone at my university. So I decided to join a group for women in STEM at my university. By joining this group I was able to meet other young women in STEM and build friendships. Also, I was able to find mentors. The fall is a great time to mentor a young scientist AND find a new mentor for yourself.

I hope you find these tips helpful and embrace the Fall season. What is your top tip for success this fall? Comment below.