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Let’s face it. The summer is already over. School started. Vacations are over. It is time to get back into the flow and get ready for the fall. You see many advertisements about clothing, school supplies or end of the summer sales. But do you know what you rarely see?  Big advertisements about preparing for a new job or school season. I know there are some out there.  How can we get ready for the fall and get excited?

I get excited when the seasons change, especially when I can try something new. The fall is the perfect time to start something new! Here are some quick tips to get ready for the fall:

  1. Reevaluate your goals: At the beginning of the year most of us make our New Year’s Resolution. The Fall season is a good time to see if you achieved your resolutions. If you did not achieve them think about what you need to do or redefine your goals.
  2. Re-network: Chances are for most of the year you have been networking and that’s great. Let’s go a step further. Meet new people, even outside of your field. This is the time fall co-ops are coming in, people are starting new jobs and incoming freshmen arrive, which means there are many events happening. Take advantage of these things to extend your network.
  3. Mentoring: Everyone should have a mentor. Become a mentor, find new mentors or even do both! Do you remember when you were starting college? Or your first job? Here’s a quick story. When I started college I was very shy. I didn’t know anyone at my university. So I decided to join a group for women in science at my university. By joining this group I was able to meet other young women like me and build friendships. Also, I was able to find mentors. The fall is a great time to mentor a young scientist AND find a new mentor for yourself.

I hope you find these tips helpful and embrace the Fall season. What tip will you use this fall?