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Happy Fall Semester Students!

With the beginning of the school year and career fairs around the corner fall is a busy time of year. Plan accordingly to make the most out of this season. Here are some great opportunities to look forward to during the fall:

Graduate School Applications:

If you are a junior/senior undergraduate now is the time to prepare for graduate school applications. I am strong believer that if you are going to graduate school, especially in a STEM (science, technology, engineering or mathematics) field you should go to school for free. Yes, Free! There are many opportunities out there for aspiring scientists. And there are even more opportunities out there for women in science. Visit your diversity office or departmental office to find out more information. Let me know if you want a more detailed post about scholarships or graduate school.

Study Abroad Opportunities:

No matter if you are in college or post-college there are many opportunities to study abroad. Most universities have study abroad offices and some programs are even opened to alumni. Are you interested in research collaborations? Do you want to teach in a different country? Do you speak another language? If your answer is yes to any of these questions you should consider studying abroad. I have not studied abroad personally, but I’m thinking about it if the right opportunity happens. Since, I am new to applying to study abroad opportunities I will keep you posted as I find opportunities. If you have studied abroad what tips do you have for newbies?

Career Opportunities:

Do you want an internship? Or a full-time position or co-op? If so this is the time to attend career fairs. With the competitive nature of science careers it is important to go out and network as much as possible. Check out your university or community for the Fall Calendar of Events to see what opportunities are happening in your area. Attend science association and organization meetings. When you are active in organizations you learn leadership skills, build network connections and grow as a professional scientist.

The key to networking is to have confidence and be professional. When you present yourself this way you will make strong network connections. The more you network the better you will become at networking.

Whether you want to go to graduate school, study abroad or start your career fall is the perfect time prepare.

What are you preparing for this season? Share below.