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We know that as women in science we are part of a small group. Depending on your field you could be the only member of the group. Day after day with the same routine is kind of lonely. It’s okay, many of us feel this way. Here are my 5 tips that I have learned along the way as a woman in science:

1. Find a mentor: Mentors are great! They provide guidance, advice and help you mature as a scientist. Every successful woman in science should have a mentor. If you are in school you can sign up for a mentoring match program. If not, considering looking for mentors in your existing network of science peers. Or maybe you want to start your science career. In this case look for potential mentors in your industry. Finding the right mentor is important so take your time before deciding on a mentor.

2. Join a network for women in science: One of the great benefits of being a woman in science are resources that are available. There are many organizations for women such as AWIS, SWE or AAUW. When you surround yourself with other women in science you will learn the tools of the trade. When you attend conferences you will learn more about your field, talk about your research and network with other women in science. A win-win-win! If you don’t have a mentor yet a conference is a place to find potential mentors. 

3. Be assertive: Sometimes as women in science we are stereotyped as anti-social, quiet or even go unnoticed. Don’t let this happen to you. If you have questions, suggestions or want to lead a project stand up and let others know. When you are confident, assertive, and professional you will stand out in a crowd.

4. Get started with your science career!: If you want to learn a new skill or technology do it. It is never too early to get started. Look for research opportunities that will prepare you for your career. Consider volunteering in the industry that you want to work in.

5. Be passionate: A career in science is challenging, but it is also rewarding. Let your passion shine in everything you do. When you combine passion and skill in your career you will be happier and more successful.

Here are my tips. What are some tips that you have learned along the way? Share below.