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Do you remember a post I did awhile back, called The Power Hour? In this post I talked about taking an hour out of your day to do something that is important to you. Lately, I have been thinking about making some changes in my professional career.  In the next few posts I will share with you what I’ve been doing to make these changes possible. If you are feeling stuck, want to make a change, or want to reevaluate your goals this post is for you. 

Before getting started let’s define reevaluate and plan. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary reevaluate means to consider again especially with the possibility of change. A Plan is a set of actions that have been thought of as a way to do or achieve something. I have these parts of the definitions in bold because this is what I have been focusing on for the past few months. Throughout the year I have been working toward my goals, but recently decided to make a change.

Reevaluate and plan are words that we all are familiar with, but sometimes we can forget to follow-up on the goals we have.  We know there is a possibility of change and that we have to establish a set of actions. Sometimes this is difficult to do. I want to share what I have learned during this process and take you on the journey with me. Together we can help each other by motivating, encouraging, and sharing resources to help one another. This is our time to create an updated detailed plan for success.

Here are 5 Key Things to Help You Reevaluate and Plan for Success:

1. Brainstorm your goals and ideas: Write your goals and ideas to see how far you have come. If you haven’t completed some of your goals write them down in detail and think about what you need to achieve these goals. After that arrange your goals by categories with deadlines. When you organize your goals and ideas it will help you see what you want to reevaluate. I will go more into detail about this part of the process in the upcoming posts.

2. Get more organized: Many of us use smartphones on a daily basis to stay connected and organized. My favorite app to use is Evernote. It is basically a digital notebook, but more. You can use it to organize, write notes, reports, documents or anything else you want to write. It is a good way to keep track during the different stages of your writing process.

3. Start keeping a journal: When I was in middle school through high school I kept a diary and it was a nice way to write about what I did for that day. I have changed from using a diary to a journal. By using a journal you can check yourself to see how your plan for success is going and reevaluate a goal if necessary. Even if you are a fan of using digital apps such as Evernote, going back to the basics with a journal and pen will keep you on your toes. If you write something down in permanent ink you are more likely to do it.

4. Read more books: Sometimes we may find ourselves reading only field-specific material and forget to enjoy reading a book at our leisure. For the past few months, I have challenged myself to go to the library more frequently to check out some new books to read. I enjoy the brisk walk to the library and see what books are available. I just finished reading The Panic Virus by Seth Mnookin and enjoyed it. I’m not sure what book I want to read next. I’m heading to the library this week. What book are you reading?

5. Write More: Before I created this blog I followed many different types of blogs. One day I was looking for resources for scientists online and I came across The Thesis Whisperer. This was the first higher education resource blog that I ever followed and inspired me to start Mademoiselle Scientist. I remember reading a post on The Thesis Whisperer about writing 1000 words a day. Now, that I want to reevaluate I am going to restart this challenge by incorporating it into my plan for success. Have you challenged yourself to write 1000 words a day?

Are you with me? Comment below. Ask yourself what do you want to reevaluate and plan for success?