Recently, I attended the ACS Webinar, “No Mentor Available? Mentor Yourself”. After attending this webinar, my take-home message was the importance of keeping a journal. I used to keep daily journals for most of my life, but one day I stopped. This webinar reminded me to start journaling again. If you want to find out more Donna did a series on mentoring.

When you decide to start journaling for self-mentoring being committed is key. Whether you are a student or scientist, keeping a journal will help you stay on track and help you reflect on how far you came.

In comparison to a To-Do-List, a journal can provide a way for you to see what you did exactly at each point in time and examine the outcome, good or bad. Think of your journal as a meeting with the CEO. When you self-mentor you are your own CEO. You are the person that is planning your future, making changes and taking action. If you keep a detailed journal you can troubleshoot and find a solution when things do not work. If something works reward yourself and realize that you are one step closer to achieving your career goals.

Will you start keeping a journal? Comment below.

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