Ways to Refresh and Reduce Stress

It’s about that time – spring is in the air! This is the time of year I like to refresh and making sure I am doing the right things to reduce my stress levels. Physical health as well as mental health are equally important. Sometimes when we are busy we can neglect one, the other or both, all of which are not good. Let’s go into the new season refreshed with less stress!

Ways to Refresh and Reduce Stress:


1. Reading:
Reading is a great hobby. Sometimes a little reading is all you need to relax. Try it. If you want to check out what books I read during the winter check out my winter reading post. If you have any book recommendations comment below.

2. Eat Lunch Outside:
Most of us are inside all day long when we are at work or school. As it gets warmer take time to enjoy the beautiful weather by eating lunch outside. A little sunshine can make your day better, make you happier and more productive.

3. Look at your plans for the year again:
Planning never stops no matter the season. Spring is a good time to look at your myIDP tool to track your progress. Are you making your deadlines? Do you need to make some changes? Do you feel stuck? If so, now is a great time to look at your plans for the year again. You may even realize that you have completed some things off of your list. What a great feeling!

4. Declutter your Desk:
We all know that spring means spring cleaning! Look over your files, documents, emails, and contacts to see what you need to shred, file, or update. Do you need new desk materials? Do you need to update your email contact list? I love organizing and find it relaxing because I like to color-code, label and find new ways to make my life easier.

5. Take a walk:
Just because winter is over doesn’t mean your stress from the winter is over. As we transition into a new season post-winter stress lingers. When I am stressed I like taking walks.  A little fresh air and light exercise will help you clear your mind.

What are you doing to refresh yourself for spring? Comment below.

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