Welcome to Spring! Spring is my second favorite season. Fall is my favorite season. The good thing about spring is that it is a time that we can refresh ourselves. As the days become longer, and the temperatures become warmer we may find ourselves in a better mood. I’m not sure about you, but I feel happier! I am ready for warmer weather because I am tired of this polar vortex. Even though the calendar says spring is here, in the Northeast it still feels like winter. How is the weather where you are from? Maybe you are on spring break. No matter what the weather feels like it, spring is a great time to refresh yourself.

Here are some of the ways that I am refreshing myself for spring: 

1. Reading:
Reading is a great hobby. Sometimes a little reading is all you need to relax. I know when I want to relax and take my mind of off things I like to read. Try it. If you want to check out what books I read during the winter check out my winter reading post. After pick up some books from the library I will share my spring reading list. If you have any book recommendations leave them in the comment section.

2. Eat Lunch Outside:
Most of us are inside all day long when we are at work or school. As it gets warmer take time to enjoy the beautiful weather by eating lunch outside. A little sunshine can make your day better, make you happier and more productive. If you have allergies or cannot go outside during lunch try eating by a window.

3. Look at your plans for the year again:
Planning never stops no matter the season. Spring is a good time to look at your myIDP tool to track your progress. Are you making your deadlines? Do you need to make some changes? Do you feel stuck? If so, now is a great time to look at your plans for the year again. You may even realize that you have completed some things off of your list. What a great feeling!

4. Declutter your Desk:
We all know that spring means spring cleaning! Look over your files, documents, emails and contacts to see what you need to shred, file, or update. Do you need new desk materials? Do you need to add those holiday contacts to your email contact list? I love organizing and find it relaxing because I like to color-code, label and find new ways to make my life easier. After doing this you will be surprised how your productivity increases.

5. Take a walk to relieve stress:
Just because winter is over doesn’t mean your stress from the winter is over. As we transition into a new season we may find it difficult to relieve previous stress. If you are stressed out from things from the winter take the time to breathe, step back and tell yourself you can do it. This may seem cheesy, but it works. When I am stressed I like taking walks. In the spring I am more motivated to take walks because it is nice outside. If you are feeling stressed due to work, school or life in general take a walk. A little fresh air and light exercise will help you clear your mind.

These are few things that I am doing. What are you doing to refresh yourself for spring? Comment below.