world vaccine congress

The World Vaccine Congress is the World’s Largest Vaccine Business Development, Research, Technology Show and Conference. This year was the 14th Annual World Vaccine Congress and it was on March 24-26 at the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, D.C. Even though the conference was only three days, it was very informative. The World Vaccine Congress is a place where you will hear what is happening in the vaccine research field at all different levels: Industry, Biotech, Pharma, Government/Regulatory, NGO, Academic/Research, Investors in many parts of the world USA, UK, Europe, Australia, Asia and much more! Many of the top leaders in vaccine research were there.

Besides attending the conference I volunteered as a Networking Genie and my job was to show people how to navigate the Free World Vaccine Nation App. When you register for the conference you can upload a professional headshot and bio for others to see. You can see the sponsors, companies, tweet and see who is attending the conference. It made it easy way to navigate the conference and find what meetings I wanted to attend.

Overall, I enjoyed the conference, especially the meetings held in the Emerging & Re-emerging Infectious Diseases and New approaches to Leading Targets Tracks because they talked a lot about malaria and other infectious diseases vaccine research. I enjoyed being surrounded by vaccine researchers and talking to them about their research. I have been to many professional conferences before and met a few people who are doing similar things, but I never met so many vaccine research professionals. I am interested in vaccine development and I want to learn as much as possible.

After attending this conference I was able to narrow down my research goals. I am a toxicologist and want to transition into the public health field, focusing on vaccine development. I am applying for a Ph.D. programs and there are many ways to get into a vaccine research career. I am now leaning toward a Ph.D. programs in: infectious disease epidemiology or microbiology/immunology, but still exploring my options.

Check out the website or follow the #wvcusa on twitter.

Are you attending the next conference? Comment below.

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