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Since it’s graduation season I am inspired to write some blog posts that will help recent graduates. In my last post I shared some gift ideas for recent science graduates. I know many university graduations are over and I have decided to share a few tips that I have learned from my graduation day. What is one post-graduation tip that you remember? How how did you feel after you graduated?

7 Tips for Recent Science Graduates:

1. Stay Connected: Social media is everywhere we can keep up with everything and everyone. Even though social media is a good way to stay connected it is still important to stay connected the old fashion. Pick up the phone or meet with some of your professors. Now that you have graduated you have now transitioned from a student into a professional. This is the perfect time to network. Examine your professional network: peers, mentors, colleagues, and professors. By building a strong professional network you are setting the foundation to become a successful scientist.

2. Take Advantage of Alumni Memberships: Many universities and professional organizations offer free memberships for recent graduates as a graduation gift. When you change your membership status from student to alumni you are expanding your network. Since it is getting warmer there will be social events, mixers and many opportunities to get involved with your alumni associations.

3. Stay Positive:  Between celebrations, festivities and everything else that comes with graduating staying positive is pretty easy. Right? For some recent graduates, graduation can feel like big change filled with the fear of uncertainty. Don’t let this get you down. Remember that you graduated! This means you made it! Stay positive and celebrate each milestone to come because you earned it! (Your degree says so.)

4. Consider Graduate School: If you are thinking about becoming a researcher, professor or want to become an expert in your field consider going to graduate school. There are many options. Are you interested in a Ph.D., M.S. or another professional degree? The great thing about a science degree is that it can take you anywhere. If you are considering applying to graduate school the summer is a good time to study for your GRE. Explore different programs and talk to people to see if graduate school is for you. Give some of your past professors a call to learn more about graduate programs at your alma mater.

5. Consider Internships: Before you get a job you may want to consider applying for internships. An internship is a good way to explore career options. What type of science career path are you interested in: research, industry, policy, or academia. These are just a few of the options. An internship will allow you to see what you like and do not like. Do not be afraid to explore different options.

6. Start a Hobby: After you earned your science degree why not get more in tune with your creative side. For example, if you like making your own things consider doing some DIY projects. I love DIY projects because they are relaxing and fun. If you are really good at your hobby you can turn it into a small business. Everyone needs a hobby.

7. Relax with Some Reading: Now that you have finished school take some time out to read for fun. Take a break from your science textbooks and read that new series you have been wanting to check out. If you really enjoy reading you can even start a book club with your friends.

These are just a few of my tips. What tip(s) do you have for recent science graduates? Share below.

Congratulations to all the Graduates!!! You made it!

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