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After I shared my gift ideas for science graduates I was inspired to write more posts dedicated to recent graduates. Now that I have finished this mini series I am excited to create more blog series. Let me know what you would like to see. If you have any blog posts suggestions you can fill out my contact form on my About Me page. This is my last post dedicated to recent graduates.

We all know graduation is a time for joy, but sometimes recent graduates may hear things they don’t like. Some recent graduates may feel sad and develop post-graduation blues.

Many, if not all graduates have experienced some type of post-graduation blues. Even though graduation is a joyous occasion some graduates feel sad or lost once they realized they are finished school. Graduation is one of the first steps to jump-start your career and sometimes it is hard to express these feelings. To all of my recent graduates out there: Remember you are not alone.

Here are My 7 Top Ways to Overcome Post-Graduation Blues:

1. Take a Vacation: Use some of your graduation money or savings to take the trip/vacation you always wanted. When I was in college and graduate school I didn’t travel during my Spring Break because it was expensive and I was too busy to take a vacation. Now that you have graduated this is a great time to get a couple of your friends together and take the ‘Spring Break’ vacation you always wanted. You deserve it!

2. Write it Out: I am big on journaling. If you don’t keep a journal start one. Writing is a chance to release your feelings and let yourself free. Also, it is a good way to self-reflect on the next phase of your life.

3. Talk to Someone: If you start to feel post-graduation blues call a friend and tell them how you feel. They will understand, especially if they have been in a similar situation. If you feel blue and think you are depressed talk to a professional therapist. When you talk to someone you will feel better. Remember it is okay to ask for help.

4. Start a Hobby: I love hobbies and this is one of my favorite tips for many situations. Hobbies are a great way to release your emotions, relax and unwind. My hobbies: DIY projects, reading and writing.

5. Exercise: We all need exercise because it helps improve our overall health. When you are feeling blue take a brisk walk, do yoga or HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). I’m sure you will feel better. Sometimes a little exercise is all you need.

6. Pray or Meditate: When you are feeling down take a moment to pray or meditate. Think about all of your blessings, achievements and goals. You can write these things in your journal while you pray or mediate. This will help you put your mind at ease.

7. Do Something Fun/Makes You Happy: Sometimes when we are down or frustrated we forget to take time out to do something fun or do something that makes us happy. Take time to soak in the graduation celebrations and have a blast. You deserve it!


How did you overcome post-graduation blues? Share your tip(s) below.

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