Like A Girl by Always Woman in STEM Reflection

Recently I came across the Always #LikeAGirl campaign and it made me reflect on being a woman in STEM.

Always #LikeAGirl Video Woman in STEM Reflection:

A few months back I shared my reflection about being a Black woman in STEM, which ties into the reason I started Mademoiselle Scientist – a platform that is committed to supporting the next generation of scientists, especially underrepresented groups in STEM. Here you will find tools, resources, stories and insights. My goal is to share and pay it forward.

My STEM journey has been filled with ups and downs. Despite the challenges, I learned to be resilient and explore the possibilities. I encourage you to do the same. Mademoiselle Scientist is a community that wants you to thrive and have a seat at the table. As a double minority I have faced many microaggressions and I know I am not alone here. Let’s come together to change the narrative of what a scientist looks like and can do. We have the power to do so and make a change now. By mentoring young girls and exposing them to STEM together we can increase the number of women in STEM. I want to see everyone who wants a career in STEM to have access to do it. This process starts early, right before we even become adults.

In this video, they ask the question: What does it mean to do something “Like A Girl”? 

To me being like a girl means being authentically myself. I control my own narrative, create my story and design the life I want. Yes, I will face challenges, but I use those moments to learn, grow and reflect. Also, it means ignoring the naysayers, finding mentors, building a community and doing work that fulfills my passions, purpose and skill set. I will  not limit myself or put myself in a box. STEM is already an intersectional field and we are people who have intersectional interests. Once I pulled into that things started progressing for me. 

I remember growing up when someone said you are being like a girl it was an insult. I never understood that back then. Girls and women are powerhouses and warriors. I wear my badge of being a Black Woman with honor. I am proud to be a Black Woman in STEM. I am grateful for being inspired to create Mademoiselle Scientist.

My advice for girls who want to pursue STEM is to keep learning. There will be obstacles, challenges and some all-nighter study sessions, but you will make it. There will be courses you take that may have you question if a STEM career is for you, but you will make it. Keep your eyes on your goals and you will succeed. Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot do something because you are a girl.

The video ends with the statement: Let’s make #LikeAGirl mean amazing things!

What does #LikeAGirl mean to you? Share below.

#WomenInSTEM #BlackWomenInSTEM #BlackandSTEM


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