Spotlight on Science: Global Health with Dr. Greg Martin #TWiGH


Photo Credit: Dr. Greg Martin

Since I am a toxicologist who is interested in vaccine development I started taking courses on to learn more. In my first Spotlight on Science post I talked about Dr. Vincent Racaniello and how his two virology courses helped me learn more about virology and vaccines. Similarly, Dr. Greg Martin is a scientist who shares his knowledge to make science accessible to all on his YouTube Channel and Twitter. Dr. Martin is a medical doctor with an MPH and MBA, Editor in Chief of Globalization and Health, and has diverse experience in global health. He is the person to watch if you want to learn more about global health.

The first video I watched was his finding a job in global health and immediately I enjoyed his style of communicating science. Both him and Dr. Racaniello’s have a way of making science engaging and easy to understand. Dr. Martin discusses issues in global health topics such as how to get a job in global health, HIV and analyzing data in global health. Recently, he added a new segment, #TWiGH which is a live global health web show with a panel of global health experts: #TWiGH panelists: Jessica Taaffe, Caity Jackson, and Kris Ronsin as well as different guest panelists each week. One of my favorite videos is the #TWiGH episode on vaccines.

You can interact with the panelists using #TWiGH. So far #TWiGH had episodes about the Ebola Virus Epidemic, vaccines and finding a job at the UN agency to name a few. The episodes are very informative and will keep you up-to-date on what is happening in global health.

If you want to learn more follow Dr. Martin’s social media: YouTube, Twitter and website.

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