My Top Study Tips

Between preparing for exams, applications and attending conferences this is the time that most people have a booked up calendar. For my students reading I know that midterms are coming up so this post is for you. With the right preparation studying can be a less stressful time. When I was in college we had Study-A-Thons during the weekend before finals week. We had peer tutors, free food and even study snacks. If you don’t have this gather a group of your friends and start your own Study-A-Thon.  

My Top Study Tips:

  1. Read, write, repeat. Towards the end of college I learned the art of reading, writing and repeating to study. This was a game changer because it gave me time to go home and review my notes and rewrite them. When I did this I was able to recall the information which helped me retain it later. 

  2. Set a time: Set time for what you are studying for and include breaks using a color coding system. Use the Pomodoro Technique on MyTomatoes to track your progress. For example, if you study for 2 hours straight take a 30-minute break or if you study for 1 hour straight take a 10-minute break. See what works for you and stick with it.

  3.  Change your atmosphere: If you are on the computer or in the laboratory for a long time step a way for a bit. Go outside, change your atmosphere or do a quick yoga routine. This will help you recharge when you go back to studying.

  4.  Limit junk food: Instead of reaching for junk food add some healthy snacks into your rotation. Grab a healthy snack, like a piece of fruit, hummus, granola bar, or a trail mix. Snacks packed with healthy proteins and fats will give you a boost to power through your next study session.

  5.  Do something that is not related to your studies: If you are studying for a technical subject take a break and read something that is not technical. This helps take your mind off the subject for a while and avoids burnout. Then when you return to your original subject you will be ready to go.

  6.  Reward yourself: After studying for long hours, remember to reward yourself.  Set a reward at the start of your session and then when you finish studying you can claim the reward. It can be as simple as meeting up with a friend to watch a movie or grabbing some ice cream.

What are your study tips? Share below.

3 thoughts on “My Top Study Tips

  1. The biggest method that helped me retain information was rewriting all of my notes for the topics that would be on the test, by hand. Sometimes I rewrote the information twice, and would also repeatedly rewrite sections/concepts/etc. that I was struggling to remember.

    Helped a ton!

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