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It’s the most difficult time of the year. It is hard preparing for midterms, finals or GRE on top of everything else. Many people are sleep deprived, nutrition deficient and just feel overall stressed. This does not have to be you. With the right preparation studying can be a less stressful time.

When I was in college we had Study-A-Thons during Finals week. It was a great way to study during the weekend before finals. There were peer tutors, free food and even study snacks. Bring on those Insomnia Cookies! This is awesome! Every school should have this. If not, start a mini Study-A-Thon with your friends.

Before you get started studying let’s talk about making the most of your study break. During midterm and final season you will hear many tips for studying, but sometimes you don’t really hear many tips about how to have the best study break ever. Study breaks are just important as study tips. You need balance.

My Top Study Tips:

1. Set a time:

When you create a study plan you know how much time you have to study for your exam. Why not treat your break the same way. I like to study in blocks. For example, if I study for 2 hours straight I have to take a 30-minute break or if I study for 1 hour straight I have to take a 10-minute break. See what works for you and stick with it. Plan out your breaks.

2. Change your atmosphere:

If you are at the computer or in the laboratory go outside or go to another location. Your body needs to stretch and change scenery for a real break. Think about it. If you were at your computer for hours and decide to look on Facebook or twitter for your break it is just like not taking a break at all. You have to get up and stretch.

3. Avoid junk food:

When you are stressed the last thing you want to do is eat something health. Instead eating junk food eat healthy snacks like fruit, granola bar, or a trail mix. When you make healthier choices you will have energy when it is time to get back to studying.

4. Do something that is not related to your studies:

If you are studying for biostatistics take a break and read a funny book. It is important to take your mind off the subject you are studying so that when you get back to studying you will be refreshed!

5. Reward yourself for your break:

For example, if you really want to catch up on your favorite sitcom tell yourself if I study this amount of biochemistry I can watch an episode of Big Bang Theory or Bones during my study break. Now, you can have some laughs and then get back to your studies.

What are tips to make the most of your study breaks? Share below.

3 thoughts on “My Top Study Tips

  1. The biggest method that helped me retain information was rewriting all of my notes for the topics that would be on the test, by hand. Sometimes I rewrote the information twice, and would also repeatedly rewrite sections/concepts/etc. that I was struggling to remember.

    Helped a ton!

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