The Power Nap

Let’s talk about how we can overcome this sluggish-lack-of-energy feeling by re-energizing with a Power Nap. I like to take my Power Nap after my Power Hour depending on my schedule that day. Power Naps are amazing because it’s just enough time to relax without falling into a deep sleep.

How to take The Power Nap:

1. Set a timer:

A Power nap is 20 minutes or less. Anything over 20 minutes makes it harder to get up. We’ve all been there — hitting the snooze button and waking up an hour later.

2. Make sure your alarm is loud enough for you to hear it and far away enough that you have to get up to get it:

When you alarm is close by you will more likely hit snooze. Instead get up to turn your alarm off. This will wake you up.

3. Find a good place to nap:

This is tricky depending on your location. You want to find an appropriate quiet place. You don’t want your boss to walk in while you are napping.

4. Think about relaxing things:

When I take power naps I mediate and close my eyes so that I feel relaxed. This helps me unwind and make the most of my Power Nap. The point of a Power nap is not to sleep, but to help you re-energize so you can be more productive.

5. Get up and go:

When your alarm goes off get up. (Don’t hit snooze!) Drink a cup of cold water to wake you up. Now you are ready to go back to work!

Do you take Power Naps? If so, do you find them helpful? Comment below.

One thought on “The Power Nap

  1. I have a very irregular schedule, but I have the luxury of being my own boss. So yes, I do take power-naps if there are no appointments with clients scheduled – especially if the days before had been quite intense.

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