Tired or stressed? Recharge your batteries with a Power Nap. I like to take my Power Nap after my Power Hour depending on my schedule that day. Power Naps are amazing because it’s just enough time to relax without falling into a deep sleep.

How to take The Power Nap:

1. Set a timer:

A Power nap is 20 minutes or less. Anything over 20 minutes makes it harder to get up. We’ve all been there — hitting the snooze button and waking up an hour later.

2. Loud and Far:

Make sure your alarm is loud enough for you to hear it. I recommend using an analog alarm clock instead of your phone because it is harder to hit snooze. Also, put your alarm clock on a table or in another room so you will have to walk away to get it. Once you are up you will stay awake.

3. Find a good place to nap:

This is tricky depending on your location because you don’t want your boss to walk in while you are napping. Maybe try putting a meeting in progress sign on your door so you can have your much needed quiet time. If you are tired you cannot be productive.

4. Think about relaxing things:

When I take power naps I mediate and close my eyes so that I feel relaxed. This helps me unwind and make the most of my Power Nap. The point of a Power nap is not to sleep, but to help you re-energize so you can be more productive.

5. Get up and go:

When your alarm goes off get up – don’t hit snooze. Drink a cup of cold water or splash water on your face if you need to do so.

Do you take Power Naps? Comment below.

One thought on “The Power Nap

  1. I have a very irregular schedule, but I have the luxury of being my own boss. So yes, I do take power-naps if there are no appointments with clients scheduled – especially if the days before had been quite intense.

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