My Winter Reading List II

Looking for a book to read this winter? Check out my picks. This books will get you ready for the new year.

Here’s What I’m Reading This Winter

  • What Works for Women at Work by Joan C. Williams and Rachel Dempsey
  • Running Lean: Iterate from Plan A to a Plan That Works by Ash Maurya
  • Springboard: Launching Your Personal Search for Success by G Richard Shell
  • Unlocking Potential: 7 Coaching Skills that Transform Individuals, Teams & Organizations by Michael K. Simpson
  • What Motivates Me: Put Your Passions to Work by Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton

If you are looking for more book recommendations check out my 2014 Winter Reading List and 2014 Fall Reading List.

*Bonus: Some books on vaccines and infectious disease research

Note: I’m looking for some STEM YouTube/Podcasts to check out. If you have some recommendations let me know in the comments section.

What books are you reading this winter? Share below.

5 thoughts on “My Winter Reading List II

  1. Reading in the Winter is definitely a favorite pastime. I actually just started getting together books but I didn’t think about starting a Reading List. Good Idea, especially since I am getting acclimated with Good Reads. What is your winter deadline to read them all? Feb? Right now I am reading ” Whose Shoes Are Your Wearing”

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