My Informational Interview Tips

Before subscribing to Science Mentor’s blog I was not familiar with informational interviews. After having my share of informational interviews I have learned a few things along the way. Here are my tips for informational interviews:

Let’s get started!

I suggest you update your myIDP tool. The myIDP tool is a great resource for scientists to organize their SMART career goals. After updating your myIDP tool you will have a better idea what to focus on for your informational interviews.

My Informational Interview Tips:

1. Have a Game Plan:

What is the purpose of your informational interviews? Informational interviews are great for people transitioning into a new career or looking to explore career options. Once you know your purpose make a list of questions you want to ask for your informational interviews.

2. Identify 2-4 People to Interview:

Take a look at your network: school, peers and your contacts on LinkedIn. You will be surprised who is in your network. Reach out to a few people first to get the ball rolling. I suggest identifying people who will give you advice from different perspectives.

3. Arrange the Informational Interviews:

Contact the people you want to interview and arrange a time/place to meet.

4. Take a Break from Informational Interviews:

Scheduling too many informational interviews can lead to informational overload. Take the time to soak in the information and move forward with the advice they gave you.

5. Keep them posted with your progress:

People like to know how their advice helped you. Thank them again and pass on their tips to help someone else.

Looking for more informational interview tips and resources for scientists? Check out Science Mentor!

What are your tips for informational interviews? Share below.


10 thoughts on “My Informational Interview Tips

  1. Thanks for the shout out! Informational interviews have definitely been the most useful for me as I have transitioned careers. I’d also point out to pick people who seem supportive and positive. Every once in a while (very rarely), you can run into people in an info interview who want to build themselves up while tearing you down, so always carefully evaluate the advice given to you and select those constructive tips that will be useful to you.

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