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Last year I talked about using Coursea.org  as an Online Learning tool. I’m an advocate for learning more and taking advantage of resources, especially when they are free. After taking several Coursera.org courses I decided to explore other MOOC sites and I came across Edx.org.

Edx.org has a different look than Coursera.org and from my first glance at the site I can tell that Edx.org wants the online learning experience to be user-friendly. Before you take a course on Edx.org there is a free self-paced DemoX course that will help you get familiar with how Edx.org works.

Like Coursera.org, Edx.org has courses in many fields. There is a good range of science courses that will help me in my career as an aspiring vaccine researcher. As far as pricing goes Edx.org offers free courses and has an option available to pay to earn a verified certificate (not all courses have this option).

When you take your course there are many ways to earn your grade. Most courses have quizzes, final exams, assessments and a final project. While you are taking your course you can keep track of your progress on the site and use the interactive discussion forum.

Another thing I like about Edx.org is that many of the courses are self-paced. This was a great option for me because I like the flexibility to take the courses on my time.

If you are a fan of Coursera.org I highly suggest Edx.org for online learning needs.

Courses I’m Currently Taking/Starting Soon:

How to Survive your Ph.D. – The Thesis Whisperer, Dr. Inger Mewburn’s Course


An Introduction to Global Health

Past Courses:

The Immune System: New Developments in Research

Fundamentals of Immunology

If you are interested in immunology and global health check out these courses on Edx.org.

So far I’m enjoying the How to Survive your Ph.D. course. Even though I’m not in a Ph.D. Program at the time I am a prospective Ph.D. student. I will update you on the course when it is over. Update: The course was amazing, especially the imposter syndrome section.

Have you checked out Edx.org? Comment below.