My Autumn Reading List

If you are looking for books that are career focused this is the reading list for you. 

My Autumn Reading List:

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My Spring/Summer III Reading List:

Now that the weather is warming up, check out a few of these books.

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My Fall Reading List II

Looking for a book to read this fall with you cup of Earl Grey? Don’t know what to read? Here are a few books to check out.

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My Winter Reading List II

Looking for a book to read this winter? Check out my picks. This books will get you ready for the new year.

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Fall Reading List

Looking to make some changes? This is the reading list for you. Check out below:

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Recharging After Your Vacation

A month ago I wrote a post about How to make the most of your summer vacation. Recharging after your vacation is just as important as taking your vacation.

Here are My Tips to Recharge After Vacation:

1. Read an Inspirational Book(s):

One of my favorite hobbies is reading. During my break I relaxed and spent quality with my family. Towards the end of my break I picked up some inspirational books.

2. Take a Nice Walk, Run or Jog:

Along with reading I enjoy walking. Whenever I feel stressed or need some fresh air I take a walk. After your vacation take a moment to walk to help you unwind before resuming your regular schedule.

3. Listen to Some Good Music:

I enjoy listening to music and this summer I have been listening to all types of music. Before you go to sleep listen to music that makes you feel happy and relaxed. When you wake up you will feel happier and ready to start your day.

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My Summer Reading List

It’s time for my summer reading list. Check out these books that will inspire you to make an impact in society.

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