Spotlight on Science/Mademoiselle Scientists: Beyond the (Micro)Scope Podcast:

 Beyond the (Micro)scope is a podcast focusing on science, technology, and business topics of women in science. I’m a huge advocate for women in STEM so this podcast was perfect.

Spotlight on Science/Mademoiselle Scientists: Beyond the (Micro)Scope:

Beyond the (Micro)Scope was founded by Lindsay Claiborn and Dr. Mumu Xu. Claiborn is a multimedia journalist with a background in television reporting and digital producer at FOX Soccer. She is a Claremont McKenna College alum and has a master’s in broadcast journalism from Northwestern University. Xu is an assistant professor in aerospace engineering at the University of Maryland, College Park and her research focuses on designing and controlling unmanned systems. She has an M.S. and Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from the California Institute of Technology and her B.S. from Harvard University.

What is Beyond the (Micro)Scope?:


Photo Credit: Beyond the Microscope

When you tune into the Beyond the (Micro)Scope podcast you get to hear stories of women in STEM doing exciting things. Women in STEM are creating businesses, opportunities, developing products, and represent positive role models for women in STEM. This is what other women in STEM need to see. I enjoy listening to their stories and learning about what other women in STEM are doing. With a STEM degree, you can explore many pathways in science.

If you want to listen to a quick episode while enjoying your morning tea check out the (Micro)Bio episodes. The (Micro)bios are short podcast episodes spotlighting different women in science. If you are a woman in STEM and want to submit your (Micro)Bio you can submit your (Micro)Bio here.

What gets me excited about STEM:

All things STEM: supporting the next generation of scientists, mentoring, sharing my STEM experiences, communicating science, or working with programs that support increasing STEM diversity. This is one of the reasons I started Mademoiselle Scientist.

What podcast are you currently listening to? Comment below.


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