Mademoiselle Scientist: Who is she?

Mademoiselle Scientist: Who is She?

About the Scientist:


My name is Martina. I am a toxicologist, science writer, STEM education advocate and aspiring vaccine researcher. I am interested in infectious diseases, vaccine research, empowering women in STEM and mentoring. In the future I hope to use my experiences to train the next generations of scientists.

Throughout my journey I had many mentors, gained insight and discovered resources that have helped me along the way. I always knew that I wanted to create a platform where I could inspire scientists and share my journey, but did not know where to begin. After doing some research and talking to The Thesis Whisperer I decided to start this blog. Mademoiselle Scientist is my story and my way of giving back to the community of scientists as a mentor.

For all of my Mademoiselle Scientists reading this, “Do you remember when you fell in love with science? Why did you become a scientist?”

  • The urge to create and innovate?
  • Did you know a scientist?
  • Did you have a mentor? A role model?
  • What resources did you have available to grow your love of science?

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