Professional Role Models in STEM

If you look at my blog post about why I started Mademoiselle Scientist you will know that one of my goals for Mademoiselle Scientist is to be a resource for women in STEM. Before I started Mademoiselle Scientist The Thesis Whisperer was the first science blog I came across and she inspired me to get started science blogging. After that I found more women in STEM bloggers that have inspired me: Science Mentor#BLACKandSTEM, and Ellekement to name a few. If you have any women in STEM bloggers I should check out share in the comments section.

As I move forward with Mademoiselle Scientist I want to share more of my experiences and blog posts that will help women in STEM. A few months ago I talked about some ways that we can empower women in STEM. I believe the easiest way to do this is by mentoring the future generations of Mademoiselle Scientists. Before I talk about mentoring (I will share in a future post) I want to talk about the importance of professional role models.

When I was younger I did not have many women STEM role models. My first professional role model was my aunt who is an electrical engineer. Over time the number of professional role models in my network increased!

Professional role models are important for a successful career. Every day while I’m drinking my morning tea I like to check out inspiring blog articles. If you are interested in career related articles check out: Levo League, Career Girl Network, and Ms. Career Girl. 

When you surround yourself around professional role models, leaders or even read articles about being a role model/ leader it will make an impact on your career. Professional role models are a necessity for everyone! Take the plunge and find a few professional role models. You can email them, set up informational interviews or even call them. If you cannot reach them search on Google and see what they are doing.

When you have professional role models it gives you hope that you will achieve your goals and move forward to become a professional role model. You have to play the part for the career you want. Do not let your current situation stop you. If you want to be successful surround yourself around successful people and read about successful people!

Professional role models have helped me see a better and bigger picture of what I want to do in my science career and how I can improve myself professionally. Finding professional role models and mentors was one of the major parts of the myIDP tool.

How important are professional role models to you? Share below.


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