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Now that May is here graduation season has officially started. Depending on where you are from you may have already graduated or attended a few graduations. These gifts are both functional and unique so you can find the perfect gift for your science graduate. What gift is your favorite?

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10 Gift Ideas for Science Graduates: 

1. Cool Science-Themed Mug -(Cafepress.com): A mug is a gift that never goes out of style. Check out this website for more mugs. Many of them have funny sayings. You may even want to customize a mug for your science graduate. No matter what mug you decide to buy your science graduate will love it!

2. Cool T-shirt – I survived the Ph.D. process T-shirt from Zazzle.com: T-shirts are another great gift for your recent graduate. Show your recent Ph.D. graduate that you care with this t-shirt. This t-shirt symbolizes the long and sleepless nights it took to earn a Ph.D. All of that studying and hard work paid off!

3. Personalized Business Card Holder & Business Cards: When I want to look for affordable personalized items I like to check out ThingsRemembered. I like the Leaves & Vines Card Cases model for storing business cards. There are many styles to suit any graduate. If you decide to get a business card holder you can make the gift extra special by ordering your graduate some updated business cards. Now your science graduate is ready to meet people and expand her network!

4. Personalized Pen & Pencil Set –Reflections Premier Gunmetal and Silver Pen and Pencil from ThingsRemembered: I love personalized gifts. When I graduated from college one of my mentors gave me this personalized gift set and I like it.

5. Large Blue Padfolio from Things Remembered: In addition to personalized pens/pencils, Padfolios are a great way to update your graduate’s professional stationary. This Padfolio can be personalized and has many pockets. It is great for organizing business cards, CVs/resumes and taking notes. Every graduate should have a professional Padfolio. Some universities even give graduates padfolios as graduation presents.

6. Wallet – Cobble Hill Lacy (Kate Spade): To celebrate your graduate’s accomplish show her you care by buying her a new wallet. This wallet has a classic style and is the perfect accessory for the recent graduate. It doesn’t get any better than that.

7. Handbag -Cedar Street Elissa (Kate Spade): If your graduate is in need of a new handbag go for the classic handbag. Kate Spade handbags are classic and sophisticated. This is the perfect handbag for work and school. It is sturdy and comes in many colors that will suit your graduate’s personal style. It also goes well with the Cobble Hill Lacy (Kate Spade) Wallet.

8. Science-Themed Jewelry – DNA Earrings: I love jewelry, especially unique and statement jewelry. These DNA earrings are whimsical and are the perfect gift for the science graduate. Every time your science graduate wears this she will stand out in the crowd!

9. Academic Photo Collage:  Graduating is a big deal! Show your graduate you are proud of them by making an academic photo collage. Look through old class pictures from Pre-K – Ph.D. (if you have them) and create a collage. This is a sentimental and creative idea because you will be able to see how your graduate matured from a child into an adult.

10. Science Membership Organization Payment: Now, that your graduate is officially an alumnus there are many science professional organizations she might want to join or update her membership status as alumni. Many professional organizations offer the option to buy gift memberships. If not talk to your recent graduate to see what organizations she is a member of. It is important for recent graduates to stay connected.

I hope these science graduate gift ideas helped you.

Congratulations to all graduates!!!

What was the best gift you received when you graduated from college or graduate school? Comment below.

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