My 2nd Blogiversary: My STEM Journey – To be Continued…

Since today is my 2nd Blogiversary I decided it was a perfect time to reflect on my journey as a woman in science and two years as a science blogger.

I always knew I wanted to become a scientist. I always knew I wanted to become a researcher. But the one thing I questioned was; how would I get there? I know we all have been there at one point of our STEM career.

There are many girls and young women that have this same question but some will never become scientists. Why? Because we didn’t give them the resources they needed to pursue their STEM degree and mentor them. If we don’t mentor them who will?

Mentoring is important at all levels. Mentors are people who went through the ups and downs of a STEM career and made it. It’s not impossible without mentors but mentors can make a huge difference. There is a lot I can say about mentors and I will talk about that in a future post and I’m looking forward to sharing my mentoring series with you soon.

My mentors from an early age and the drive I had inside pushed me to become a scientist, researcher, STEM advocate and science writer/blogger. Through all the ups and downs I still wanted to pursue a STEM career. Why? Because I cannot imagine myself in another career.

Further into my STEM journey I discovered my passion for STEM goes beyond research and writing. My passion extends to being an advocate for underrepresented groups, especially minorities and women in STEM. I want to share resources to help the next generations of scientists. As a science communicator I have a platform that will grow and I’m excited to see what’s next for Mademoiselle Scientist! What do you want to see?

Moving forward I want to continue to share resources that will help fellow Mademoiselle Scientists and the next generations of scientists. I will share my journey and help you with your journey.

What else? I will learn more, research, write and continue being a STEM advocate. I will continue with my Spotlight on Science Series and share more resources with you. There are many things in progress, which means I’m updating myIDP tool. Stay tuned. I’m grateful for all the opportunities: past, present and future and appreciate you following my journey on Mademoiselle Scientist. Here are my top two tips to help you with your STEM career journey.

My Top Two Tips to Help You on Your STEM Career Journey:

1. Take Advantage of your Resources:

There are many opportunities and options for people in the STEM field. Just take your pick and make it happen! Never let your fear of failure or being unsuccessful stop you from pursuing your goals.

2. Realize that it’s okay to take a step back in your STEM career:

When you take a step back two things can happen.

A. You realize you still like your current career or

B. You realize you need to look at other career options.

When I was questioning different things in my STEM career journey it made me realize I needed to take a step back. I used this time to reflect on my goals, find new mentors and go on informational interviews. After a few months I was able to move forward and have a sense of clarity for the next phase of my STEM journey.

My STEM Journey
To be continued…

Did you always know you wanted to become a scientist? Share below.

12 thoughts on “My 2nd Blogiversary: My STEM Journey – To be Continued…

  1. Great posting! Would love to collaborate one day on some blog posts or white papers regarding experiences navigating graduate school in the STEM fields. I wish you all the best and HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY !!

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